Buying a New Home

Tampa Bay is a great place to live with a balance of a tropical climate, close to beaches, ample employment, and affordable housing options for all lifestyles.

We invite you to allow us to perform a live search on the big screen in our office, previewing areal views, interior pictures, sales history, etc. This makes the home search very easy.

Prior to submitting an offer, we will pull the most recent comparable sales from within the community to make sure you don’t over pay for a property. We follow the contract all the way til the closing, and beyond. We make sure the home inspection is complete within the allowed time frame, require seller to make any necessary repairs, keep in touch with the mortgage company, appraiser, and title company, review the HUD Settlement Statement prior to closing. We don’t like surprises, and we know you don’t either.


  • Location, Location, Location! First, let’s talk about where you want to live. There are many sub-markets within Tampa Bay. We have a working knowledge of all neighborhoods, ranging from Hudson Beach to Apollo Beach. Do you want a turn of the century bungalow in the city, or a horse ranch on acreage?
  • Live Search. Buyers are encouraged to meet in our office to do a live search with an agent on our big screen monitor. You can see every key stroke the agent is entering. As you tell us what is important to you in a home, you can see us enter the required field. Once we get a manageable number of homes, we can preview interior photos, areal views, and even find out how much the prior owner paid and how much their mortgage was. This helps us understand their position.
  • Negotiating takes skill and expertise. Before submitting an offer, we must first determine the true market value. If the listing price is higher than market value, we will provide comparables along with the offer to support our offering price.
  • Protecting your interest is our greatest priority. We choose proper addendums such as inspection contingency and appraisal contingency to allow you to rescind the contract without penalty.
  • Home Inspections are highly encouraged. Never use the Realtor’s Home Inspector as you don’t want to assure an unbiased inspection. We have inspectors that we can provide based on quality of work, but we encourage buyers to obtain their own inspector.
  • Financing is a critical factor in the home buying process. We can give guidance on lenders who may be best tailored for you, such as physicians products to FHA programs. Prequalification is important to be completed as the first step to buying a home because we need to know what you qualify for. Also, we need to provide a prequalification letter when we want to submit an offer. If we decide to submit an offer on Saturday evening, we will already have the letter in file.
  • Closing! Everyone’s favorite part. You get possession of your new home. We review the HUD settlement statement before you sit down at the closing table so you understand all lean charges and closing costs.
  • Home Warranty Home warranty plans are available for a nominal fee, which includes central heat / air systems, water heater, appliances, etc. Cost of the warranty starts around $440 / year with option to renew.