TAM-BAY is a futuristic brokerage that provides full service to the agents, yet allows the enjoyment of 100% fee splits after a $15,000 cap (based on $2,000,000 in sales).  We’re a hybrid between the discount and full service brokerages.  

At TAM-BAY REALTY, we keep things simple. I too was an agent working for big real estate firms, and I detested all the fees they charged me.  TAM-BAY does not charge franchise fees, tech fees, legal fees, desk fees, and NO transaction or administration fees charged to buyers or sellers. We only have a $40. Per transaction Errors & Omissions Fee. NO OTHER FEES, EVER!

If an agent closes $6 Million in business, for example, he/she would earn $165,000 with TAM-BAY, vs $126,900 with a “box” firm with a 75% split.  

With your first closing, we will reimburse you for your Realtor board transfer fee, business cards, name badge, and 10 name riders. Agents also have a state of the art website personalized with their own listings and IDX search capabilities, and free of charge!  TAM-BAY listings get their own individual website as well, which is promoted through social media portals.  

75% Fee Split withi a $15,000 Cap, based on $2,000,000 in sales revenue.  Again, no fees other than $40. E&O per transaction. ONLY AFTER CAP is there a $150. per file Admin fee. 

Our agents work from home or virtual office. We have to conform to the times… It’s a virtual world… programs are cloud based. Files are transferred to and from the office via Drop Box.  Agents can of course meet buyers / sellers at the office. Agents get paid at closing, always, regardless of who the title company is.  There’s no reason to come in to the office.  

We have an impeccable reputation among the public and other real estate professionals. We treat our agents, competing agents, buyers, and sellers with respect and professionalism… no exception.

As the broker, I personally provide advanced training for experienced agents.  During the past 25 years, I’ve trained hundreds of Realtors and appraisers. Training includes, but is not limited to, marketing, how to perform accurate CMAs, set listing prices, how to use statistical data, and powerful listing presentations.

If an agent joins our team during the calendar year, the $15,000 cap will be pro-rated.  For example, if an agent joins July 1, the cap is only $7,500.  Lowest cap is $7,500 as well.

Broker support 7 days per week, including evenings.  Training classes offered frequently… “outside the box advanced training.”  NO, we don’t tell you to go after FSBO’s & Expireds!